Monday, 12 August 2013

Freedom (in-App Purchase Hacking) v0.9.2 APK Download


Requirements: Android 2.0 or higher and root,
using this application and has an error, please change the Russian language or change the time zone of Moscow (GMT +4)
After activating the game with freedom-app can be changed back to your language PrivacyFreedom is local solution, so that all the data you need is stored directly on the device. We do not collect any your private data. And yes, we can not say the same for Google. Legal This software is not a crack. No services or software were damaged. Freedom does not interfere with the work of the Google servers. Remember: Freedom pitcher became legally installed applications only. You can use this application to get content already included in these applications.

Freedom What is it for?
-with this apk could buy free items within the game or application you have installed, enhancement packages, expansions, etc ...

Here is the list of Compatible games: https://docs / spreadsheet / lv? ...EVwYUZMSGc

Download Links: APK LINK